The Modern Rules Of New Ac Unit Tucson

Them off I’ll put the Tucson ac repair new ones on and then we’ll look at the spindle off or you click all the bolts out and hold on there’s one bolt down here that sees in here so I’m going to cut it over to die grinder now all the times I blow automotive guys and dais guys ask me how come have the equipment’s always just straight time with automotive and diesel is all booked time well stuff like is because.

This is always running water and boiling and stuff like here you have to cut bolt saw going to bend stuff out of the way a lot of times either be damaged and it just picks so much more time to do this if I fold you know if you cook time two hours on the water pot so I got a sprint to our cutting bolt off just to get to the water pump I’m sorry too because it’s my plow Marinara before it’s adjusted out here is going anyway this is a perfect example while I charge hourly on stuff on heavy equipment anyway.

I’m just going to go a couple cool heads bolts off and push it through and then the table is come off rough-cut from afar my dog round of three now I’ve got a chisel I’m a hammer into that little own opening hopefully knock the head off don’t really seem like I’m having a lot of luck right now I’ll keep seeing if I can get a little more but or now I want people to see how long one little.

Thing take finally got it yep well I got it loose how long did that one bolt a study but hold on Jacqueline nowadays on the football okay all right so just add AC compressor look on top of this port right here you see it on a video to like jump that’s built up in there already I just cleaned this out a couple weeks ago I’m sorry – got this much crud in it this is how come you have to have Schroeder caps our valve caps on your AC and your equipment this dirt gets in there because the expansion rates are different in the Schroeder valve and the outside it just.

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